• Chip Shortage - The Challenge of PCB manufacturer
    Chip Shortage - The Challenge of PCB manufacturer Aug 23, 2021
    The outbreak in Malaysia continues, causing the local semiconductor industry to be hit. Severe epidemic has caused some chip factories to be closed. According to The Paper, the STMicroelectronics chip supplier in the Muar packaging plant in Malaysia with more than 3,000 employees, there are more than 20 employees sacrificed due to the epidemic, and hundreds of people have been infected, facing the...
  • Printed Circuit Board Introduction
    Printed Circuit Board Introduction Sep 15, 2021
    Printed Circuit Board Introduction PCB ( printed circuit board ) is a key component in the electronics industry and it is also a basic component. PCB carries all the components to be PCBA and then becomes the core of every electronic products. This article will give you a general idea about PCB, show the PCB composition and some main aspects.   What is PCB?   PCB(Printed circuit board)is...
  • PCB Surface Treatment
    PCB Surface Treatment Oct 11, 2021
    PCB Surface Treatment PCB surface treatment mainly includes: OSP, HAL, lead-free HAL, immersion gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, hard gold plating, full board gold plating, gold fingers, nickel palladium gold. In general, the common FR4 PCB surface treatments are as follows: gold plating (electroplating gold, immersion gold), immersion tin, OSP, HAL (leaded and lead-free). Different surface ...
  • Rigid PCB Manufacturing Process Flow
    Rigid PCB Manufacturing Process Flow Oct 26, 2021
    Rigid PCB Manufacturing Process Flow 1. Cutting Cutting is the process of cutting the copper clad laminate into pieces that can be reprocessed in the production process line. (1) Unit: Unit refers to a single small board designed by PCB design engineers. (2) Set: Set refers to the unity formed by putting together multiple Units for reasons such as improving production efficiency and facilitating p...
  • Why are most PCB board green?
    Why are most PCB board green? Nov 04, 2021
    Solder Mask Both sides of the PCB are copper layers. In PCB production, the final copper layer is a smooth and unprotected surface. Although the chemical properties of copper are not as active as aluminum, iron, magnesium, etc., pure copper is easily oxidized when there’s water and oxygen. Because of the presence of oxygen and water vapor in the air, the surface of the pure copper will oxidize ver...
  • ​What’s the difference between rigid PCB and flexible PCB?
    ​What’s the difference between rigid PCB and flexible PCB? Nov 08, 2021
    What’s the difference between rigid PCB and flexible PCB? PCB usually refers to printed circuit board, which is called rigid PCB. PCB is generally made of FR4 substrate, also called rigid PCB, which can not be bent and flexed. PCB is generally used in some places that do not need to be bent and have a relatively hard strength, such as computer motherboards, cell phone motherboards, etc. FPC, in fa...
  • Single layer PCB
    Single layer PCB Jan 07, 2022
    Single layer PCB is also called as Single Sided PCB is a type of PCB, which comes with only one layer of conducting material on one side of the board, and the other side is used for incorporating different electronic components on the board. Single layer PCB starts important role in Printed Circuit Board field and it is still important in the electronic industry today. What are the advantages &...
  • Rigid Printed Circuit Board Type
    Rigid Printed Circuit Board Type Jan 19, 2022
    Rigid PCB is for holding electronic components and connect them together electrically. It consists of different resistors, capacitors, active circuits which are held together through electricity. The type of rigid PCBs are made up of different layer count.Different layer count can fulfill different electronic purposes.This is a quick overview of the different rigid PCB type advantages and disadvan...
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