Chip Shortage - The Challenge of PCB manufacturer Aug 23, 2021

The outbreak in Malaysia continues, causing the local semiconductor industry to be hit. Severe epidemic has caused some chip factories to be closed.

According to The Paper, the STMicroelectronics chip supplier in the Muar packaging plant in Malaysia with more than 3,000 employees, there are more than 20 employees sacrificed due to the epidemic, and hundreds of people have been infected, facing the test of life and death.

The production lines in many local semiconductor factories are required to maintain low-level manpower operations and be reduced, and some factories will be shut down once infections occur. This may further aggravate the global "core shortage" status.

Malaysia is known as the "semiconductor packaging and testing center", the seventh largest exporter of semiconductor products in the world, accounting for nearly 13% of the global semiconductor packaging market.

The new crown epidemic has had a great impact on the local semiconductor industry. The chairman of the Malaysian Semiconductor Industry Association, said: "Some factories have been infected, causing the factories to be closed."

According to reports, the Malaysian government currently requires that the factory production line can only maintain a low-level manpower operation of 10-20%. According to industry insiders, this is tantamount to just maintaining the state of the production line without shutting down and almost impossible to produce.

In fact, as early as March last year during the epidemic, Malaysia had already taken measures to "close the country", which once triggered a global semiconductor shortage and price hikes.

Currently, the epidemic in Malaysia has not been effectively controlled. Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin has even submitted his resignation to the Supreme Head of State Abdullah and resigned as prime minister.

Next, the Malaysian government will inevitably implement more stringent epidemic prevention and control measures. Considering that Malaysia cannot resume normal economic operations in the short term, this will inevitably increase the impact on local semiconductor manufacturers, or will further aggravate the global "core shortage" status.

The chip shortage makes PCB assembly harder and many companies have to adjust the design of PCB fabrication or develop the new design to solve the problem of chip shortage. It is also a challenge for every printed circuit board manufacturer. No matter how hard it is,as a rigid pcb manufacturer China, High Precision Technology (HK) Co.,Ltd will work together with every customer to tide over the difficulties.


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