PCB Inspection Introduction Jun 27, 2022

PCB means printed circuit board and is an important part of electronic products. The quality of PCB is related to whether electronic products can work normally and reliably for a long time. Improving the quality of PCBs is a very important part. Is your method of testing PCBs manual or automatic?

PCB board inspection, is manual inspection, or automatic inspection?

Manual visual inspection: Using a magnifying glass or calibrated microscope, the operator's visual inspection is used to determine whether the circuit board is qualified or not, and to determine when a correction operation is required. It is a more traditional inspection method. Its main advantages are that it is low cost and does not require a test fixture. The main disadvantages are human subjective error, high long-term cost, discontinuous defect discovery, and difficulty in data collection. At present, due to the increase in the output of PCB and the reduction of the wire spacing and component volume on the PCB, this method has become more and more unfeasible, and it takes a lot of manpower to achieve an ideal effect!

Automatic optical inspection, also known as automatic vision inspection, is based on optical principles and comprehensively adopts various technologies such as image analysis, computer and automatic control to detect and deal with defects encountered in production. It is a newer method to confirm manufacturing defects. Methods. AOI is usually used before and after reflow and before electrical testing to improve the pass rate of electrical processing or functional testing. At this time, the cost of correcting defects is far lower than the cost of testing after testing, and it is fully automatic, which greatly improves production efficiency.

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