Single layer PCB Jan 07, 2022

Single layer PCB is also called as Single Sided PCB is a type of PCB, which comes with only one layer of conducting material on one side of the board, and the other side is used for incorporating different electronic components on the board.

Single layer PCB starts important role in Printed Circuit Board field and it is still important in the electronic industry today.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of Single Layer PCB?

Disadvantages of Single Layer PCB

  • Simplistic Design: The simplicity of single-layer boards' is one of their biggest benefits, but it's also a substantial limitation compared with double-sided and multi-layer PCB.
  • Slower Speed and Lower Operating Capacity: The limited number of connections on these boards also affects their power and speed.

Advantages of Single layer PCB

  • Simple and easy to design and install.
  • Lower cost especially for high volume orders.
  • Easy drilling, soldering, de-soldering, and components inserting process.
  • Lower probability of manufacturing issues, such as short-circuiting and producing problem.


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