Rigid Printed Circuit Board Type Jan 19, 2022

Rigid PCB is for holding electronic components and connect them together electrically. It consists of different resistors, capacitors, active circuits which are held together through electricity. The type of rigid PCBs are made up of different layer count.Different layer count can fulfill different electronic purposes.This is a quick overview of the different rigid PCB type advantages and disadvantages.

Single-sided PCB

It is the most basic and primary level rigid PCB available and consist of a single conductive layer and its usage is narrowed to plain low solidity designs. This is the reason why theirs price are cheap and adapt for simple and low level electronic products.

Double-sided PCB
It is the rigid PCB that is the most common and widely used in electronic field.It permits the routing of traces around one another by the means of leaping between the apex and bottom layer through vias. This unique ability to traverse from up and down dramatically enhances the circuit flexibility in designing circuits, while augmenting the density of the circuits.

Double-sided rigid PCBs are comparatively cheap; however, they only permit a halfway level of complexity for the circuits, while not making itself available to electromagnetic intrusion reduction methods.

Multilayer PCB

Rigid Multilayer PCB is with more complex design and density by adding extra layers, far beyond the top and bottom layer.High Precision Technology can manufacture rigid PCB multilayered for up to 12 layers, allowing PCB designers to come up with quite dense and intricate designs. Typically, these additional layers in the PCB are meant to serve the purpose of power planes.It not only provides power supply to the circuit, but also cut down the electromagnetic interference generated by the PCB design. In order to reduce the electromagnetic interference levels, PCB designers locate signals in between the power planes. It’s essential to understand that by increasing the amount of power planes on a PCB will add to the level of thermal diffusion of a PCB, which has immense vitality in elevated power designs.

All in all, layer count,PCB dimensions and quantity all are important factors for cost of printed circuit board.As a rigid PCB manufacturer since 2011 with many certificates,High Precision Technology PCB is a great option.Welcome to send us an inquiry now to more about our capabilities or get quote info@gjzpcb.com


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