Gold Finger Rigid Bare PCB Printed Circuit Board

Min. space between Gold finger and Tab is 3.4mm. More details refer to the following table.


  • Material: FR4 PCB
  • Layer count: 6 layers 
  • Board thickness: 1.6mm
  • Finish copper thickness: 1.0 oz
  • Surface treatment: ENIG ( Immersion Gold )
  • Application: Consumer electronics

Our Capability:

Solder mask opening space between 

Gold finger and solder Pad (min.)

8mil (0.2mm)
Plating Gold thickness of Gold finger (max.)
Plating Gold thickness of Gold finger (min.)
Space between gold finger and Tab (min.)

Bevel edge height of Gold finger (Angle:20°) (max.)

T=1.6mm: 2.2mm
T=1.2mm: 1.65mm
T=1.0mm: 1.37mm
T=0.8mm: 1.1mm

Bevel edge height of Gold finger

(Angle:30°) (max.)

T=1.6mm: 1.39mm
T=1.2mm: 1.04mm
T=1.0mm: 0.87mm
T=0.8mm: 0.7mm

Bevel edge height of Gold finger

(Angle:45°) (max.)

T=1.6mm: 0.8mm
T=1.2mm: 0.6mm
T=1.0mm: 0.5mm
T=0.8mm: 0.4mm

Bevel edge height of Gold finger

(Angle:60°) (max.)

T=1.6mm: 0.46mm
T=1.2mm: 0.35mm
T=1.0mm: 0.29mm
T=0.8mm: 0.23mm
Tolerance of Bevel edge angle of Gold finger
 ±5°, ±3°
Tolerance of Bevel edge height of Gold finger
Thickness of peelable mask on Gold finger

PCB Manufacturing Process Flow:


A. Why choose High Precision Technology as PCB supplier?
-- High Precision Technology specialises on PCB manufacturing since 2011 with rich experiences. We mainly use KB & Shengyi Brand laminiate, Rongda & Taiyo brand oil and strictly compliance to IPC-6012 class 2. In our Hunan new factory, all procedures are made in-house. The quality and price can be controlled effectively. If you are still looking for a suitable supplier of PCB fabrication, contact us, we will supply professional and flexible support.

B. What’s kind of certificates do you have?
-- We have certificate ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, TS16949 etc.

C. What's lead time?
-- The lead time can be negotiable to meet your demands.

D. What is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
-- There is no MOQ for new PN, sample is welcome.

E. What informations need to be supplied for quote?

-- Order quantity, Gerber file, PCB specification ( base material, layer, PCB finished thickness, base copper thickness, surface treatment, solder mask color, and others if you have )

F. Is the files for quote or manufacturing safer?

-- Yes, it is safe as we are professional PCB manufacturer and Non-disclosure agreement can be signed if you need. All documents from customers are never shared with any third parties.

G. When can the quotation be supplied?
-- All quotation can be supplied within 24 hours.

More enquiry,welcome to send us email.We will always give you professional service with 24H/7D online support.

Welcome to send inquiry,we will reply within 12 hours.
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Welcome to send inquiry,we will reply within 12 hours.