Nucleic Acid Testing for Dongguan PCB manufacturing factory Dec 16, 2021

In view of the current situation of the epidemic situation in Dongguan City, in order to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, the whole city launched a nucleic acid test for all employees on December 15th . Under the coordination of the Health Bureau, all employees of High Precision Dongguan factory actively cooperated in the nucleic acid testing.

Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The primary task of the survival and operation of an enterprise is to ensure safety. Passing the test not only reassures employees and their families, but also brings confidence to the safety of the enterprise. I hope that all my colleagues can continue to do a good job in personal protection, adhere to good habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and cleaning regularly, so as to reduce unnecessary outings, do not get together, do not gather, and do something to antiepidemic.


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